Losing Weight By Eating

To eat is to live; to live is to eat. Well, what I am trying to say is, we need healthy food to have and maintain a healthy live. The 2/3 of our body is made up of water. And the rest is minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins etc. Yet drinking water is must, and many results have shown that drinking water also helps in weight loss. Eating healthy food or diet food does not always guarantee weight loss. Avoiding fast food is essential. And every day it should be a battle to win over your calories.
Foods to lose weight

1.Egg Whites

Egg whites are cholesterol-free and sugar free. They are excellent sources of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. The egg whites contain almost no fat and carbohydrate content of 1%. Every day for breakfast 2-3 egg whites should be eaten.

2.Green Veggies’ and Oats

Vegetables are best components in a diet. Since, they contain vitamin C and A and vitamin K and potassium and iron. The best time to get varieties of vegetables is during winters. And making a perfect blend of all the green vegetables with masala oats or different oat recipes are best for lunch.


Fruits are best among all the different food items. Fruits are colourful with different tastes and have so many characteristics. They are really good for diets to help maintain healthy blood pressure.

4.Almonds and Nuts

Almonds and nuts are rich in vitamin E, calcium, and potassium. Daily 21-23 almonds are very important to have a healthy controlled diet and especially when you want to lose weight.


Soup for dinner is perfect and is delicious and heavy. It is basically a mixture of boiled vegetables and meats with water and slight touch of masalas.

The above food items are best for losing weight in a healthy way and along with diet food, exercise and daily walks are necessary.

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